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  • What forms of payment will be accepted at the festival?

    • Credit Cards will be accepted at all admissions booths for day of ticket sales. Cash will be accepted for tethered balloon rides. Food Trucks and Craft Vendors accepted forms of payment may vary. ATM's will be available on site. 

  • Can I bring my pet?

    • No pets will be allowed inside the festival gates.  .

  • Can I bring in a cooler?

    • No outside food or beverage will be allowed inside the festival gates.   

  • Is smoking allowed?

    • Smoking will not be allowed inside the festival gates. 

  • I purchased my ticket online but have the printout, now what?

    • No problem! Check your email for the bar code sent to you after purchase. This can be scanned from your email at the festival gates. 

  • Will the balloons be in the air all day?

    • Balloons will only be in the air during the balloon glow where they will rise slightly in the air while igniting the gas to fill the balloons. Tethered rides will be floating up and down from 6pm-830pm weather dependant.  

  • What if it rains?

    • The SWLA Hot Air Balloon Festival is a rain or shine event meaning entertainment, food and event festivities will continue as long as the weather permits. No refunds will be given in the event of weather complications. Tickets do not expire and may be used for next years event. Management reserves all rights. 

  • Will there be an RV area on-site?

    • There will not an RV area on-site at the Airport. Please feel free to visit local RV Grounds if interested in camping in the Lake Charles area during the festival weekend. 

  • Do any hotels in the area offer rates?

    • Yes! Visit our lodging tab for links to local hotels and exclusive room rates! 

  • How many people can go on the tethered ride at one time?

    • Tethered rides will be for four to eight riders and could vary due to weight and pilots discretion.   

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